Lately, my city has been seasoned with a sprinkle of hot and a dash of humidity. And it has rained at night. Not the loud, harsh sounding rain, but the soft, heavy rain with silent lightening.

It’s sort of beautiful when you combine that type of rain with the flashes of lightening.

Hot and humidity aside, I really do appreciate the warmness of summer. Mostly because where I live, there is a change of seasons with winter being the longest. TBH I don’t very much like winter. Too cold and icy roads. Though, the snow is nice to watch at times.

Fall is okay, but it just means that the inevitable is coming…WINTER. Though I think I like spring because I know summer will be just around the corner.

We really don’t have the conventional April showers all the time depending on the year and how long winter lasts, which can make it seem like the weather masters push all the rain towards the beginning of summer.

The seasons can be a rollercoaster ride where I live, but I can appreciate the change of seasons (sometimes) even if the transitions aren’t always that smooth (which is almost always). The magic of living in North Dakota I suppose.

Right now, I’m just trying to bask in the weather even if some complain it’s too hot/humid. I don’t really care what they say because winter is too cold! I just gotta be thankful for what I have at the moment. If that means hot and humid, I’ll take it!


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