I’m always wanting to eat something, but never can decide WHAT to do eat!

I’ll sit there for a good hour looking up ideas on Pinterest about what to cook or end up googling for another hour what restaurant I should go to.

And then the other problem is that I want to eat “healthy.” That’s a bummer because I don’t have really sharp cooking skills so I rely on a lot of prepackaged “healthy” stuff…like Lean Cuisines, frozen vegetables, and steamer things. You get the picture. But then I end up not wanting to buy or eat those prepackaged things because I know they are not as good or healthy as real, wholesome food.

Ha, Ha, then I try to pick the healthiest restaurant to go to. It usually ends up being a lot of Subway or a salad from McDonald’s. Or maybe I will go to the grocery store and actually try to cook a small meal for myself thinking I’ll save some money.

Any path I choose ends up being a dilemma to some degree. A personal chef would come in handy, but that’s NEVER going to happen because 1. I’m not rich and 2. I’m not rich.

Comment down below if you can relate 🙂


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