I hadn’t gotten my car washed since spring.

Then I put off getting another car wash because of the unpredictable weather from where I live. Summer weather hasn’t been that great either. Sometimes it’s cloudy and other times it is predicted to rain, but doesn’t. And sometimes the weather is just plain cloudy and windy (who wants to wash their car in that)?

Not to mention every time I get a car wash the inevitable happens, my car quickly gets dusty and dirty again. Or if worse comes to worse, there is a big storm that comes along the following week, snow or rain.

I know it’s good to wash your car frequently to prevent rusting and such, but can the dirt and weather hold out for longer?!?! It’s like the weather and carwashes are in the business together earning commission!

To top it off, today I found a chunk of mud stuck to the side of my car…how does that even happen? And I just got it washed.

I don’t think car washing will ever be a win-win situation. I guess I just gotta deal with it because in the end, we all have to deal with it.

Remember to comment down below if you can relate!


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