If you’ve read my “About me” page you’ll already know that I’m an Asian-American woman. You might be even wondering what my ethnicity is. I’m proud to say that I’m Vietnamese.

I’m not from Vietnam. You see, my parents when they moved to America, they decided to settle down in a very cold and frigid place called North Dakota. They loved it there and then I was born there too (I still live in North Dakota because even though it’s cold for nine months out of the year it has its charms).

Growing up my parents spoke Vietnamese to me most of the time. Therefore, I have thankfully retained the ability to talk in my family’s native tongue (a pro of talking in another language is that others rarely understand what you’re talking about).

My parents also effortlessly kept the Vietnamese culture alive by making certain traditional Vietnamese celebrations really fun for a little kid to enjoy. I remember my parents bringing me to the local Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate the mid-autumn festival (that was where the local Vietnamese community came to celebrate it) and dressing me up in the traditional “ao dai” for the new year.

My mom and aunts made (and still do) all sorts of traditional Vietnamese food like home- made pho, spring rolls with pork/shrimp, “che” desserts, and many others. They cooked a lot of homemade food mostly because there was and still is a very limited amount of Vietnamese restaurants in North Dakota.

My family loves living in America, but they have never been the ones to forget where they came from. We’ve been back to Vietnam on numerous occasions and each time the country has changed. There are many new modern amenities, but on the latter, there are still many poor people who don’t have the basic necessities to live; and as a child I got to see just how lucky I was to be in the position I am.

And that concludes the little snippet about myself. I hope you have enjoyed finding out more about me and where my family is originally from.



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