I started to drink coffee at a very young age. I can’t remember exactly what age I started, but I just know I was really young…probably before I hit ten years old.

My parents didn’t let me hardcore drink coffee because well…I was just a kid, but when they did let me have a few sips it was fantastic! I remember my mom making homemade Vietnamese coffee; she didn’t use the same ingredients/equipment as one would in Vietnam, but I thought it still tasted good. She would mix some Folgers instant coffee with some hot water and add canned sweetened condense milk to it. Then, she would add some ice cubes and voila, the only type of coffee I was familiar with for a long time was complete!

The Vietnamese coffee was bitter with just the right hint of sweetness. In those days drinking a whole glassful was such a treat! Then, I grew a little bit older and started to dabble in the traditional American coffee, particularly the gas station kind.

In middle school my mom would drive me to school very early everyday, and at times I would make her stop by the gas station close to our house so I could get a cup of coffee. Sometimes I would get the gas station “cappuccino” or sometimes straight black coffee. I just loved the stuff. Then I entered high school and that’s when the Starbucks craze happened.

I got my license when I turned sixteen and that’s when my parents couldn’t stop me from driving to Starbucks often and getting one of their many specialty drinks. I really liked their ice lattes and coffee roasts. Part of the allure of coffee at Starbucks was that it made me feel more “grown-up” somehow and made me feel cool being able to bring the Starbucks cup to class with me. By this time everyone who knew me knew that I loved coffee!

After graduating high school I think I got a little tired of how “commercial” coffee at Starbucks was getting so I started to look for more local coffee shops. I did find one or two nice little shops (one of them made cool foam designs in their coffee), but they were so out of my way that I didn’t get a chance to become a regular. Starbucks coffee was still my go to.

Fast forward to present day and I am currently barring myself from having any type of caffeine. I don’t know what changed, but I hit the age I am at right now and caffeine just gives me sleeping problems (even if I drink only a little bit).

I’ve got to admit, quitting coffee has made me feel and sleep better, but I do miss it tremendously! I miss the taste, the warmth, the caffeine crash, everything! I’m envious of the people who can drink caffeine, especially COFFEE with no problem. I wish that was me. I guess I just have to deal with it.

And NO, I’m not going to drink decaf because it still has a small amount of caffeine in it and it just doesn’t taste the same.

Oh the misery.


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