Shopping is fun, but always needs a slight effort . Take today for example. I had no plans to do anything special, so the idea of shopping for the sake of shopping was an attractive idea.

I was excited during the car ride to the mall and the different stores, but once I got to the places I found myself overwhelmed and lulled by the fact that the clothes wouldn’t just pop out at me, I would actually have to pick through the mounds of clothing and hope that one blouse or one pair of pants out of millions would be the right thing for me.

And so the process began.

I almost always pay the clearance/sale isle a visit. I discovered very young that good clothes don’t have to be name brand or expensive, you just have to go through the sales rack and find quality material. That’s what I did today, I went and combed through clearance. I found a very cheap pair of shorts that had stars on them for only a ripe ten bucks (I’m always happy when I can find a good pair of pants to wear because I have short legs and great fitting bottoms are hard to come by)!

Oh! Did I mention I was with my cousin? Well, my cousin is the stylish one in the family so I like to bring her along on shopping trips so she can help me pick out non-hideous stuff. And what I LOVE is that we are completely honest with each other about how we look in clothing so that we both end up with the clothes that we look good in and won’t end up throwing in the back of the closet for eternity.

It was an especially hot and sunny summer day so after shopping my cousin and I decided to take a stroll downtown. We browsed a couple of the local stores, but we ultimately didn’t buy anything and went to eat at our favorite bakery instead. I ate a pretty slice of lemon raspberry cake and my cuz’ had a slice of butter coconut cake. That was the fuel we needed to complete our day out.

After being fueled with sugar, we had to trek back to the car. I was being not-so-bright and made us both cross the crosswalk to the other side of the street where there was no shade. I think we both ended up a little tanner from that little goof. Then finally, we reached our car, blasted the AC, and drove home.


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