Honest Winter

It feels like the only thing honest these days is the brutally cold winter. Every time I poke my head out it’s there to greet me. Every time I inhale I can feel the clear crispness wake my body. For all it’s brutality, boy does it make me feel alive! I can always rely on … Continue reading Honest Winter


My Fitness and Diet

You could loosely say that I’m fairly healthy and “fit.” I’ve never had any health issues and never really had issues with my weight (I’ve had some major and minor fluctuations though). I contribute this to my genetics and being involved in athletics while growing up. I also had a great role model-my dad, who … Continue reading My Fitness and Diet

Hot Weather

Lately, my city has been seasoned with a sprinkle of hot and a dash of humidity. And it has rained at night. Not the loud, harsh sounding rain, but the soft, heavy rain with silent lightening. It's sort of beautiful when you combine that type of rain with the flashes of lightening. Hot and humidity … Continue reading Hot Weather